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Most of girls do not understand guys’ passion for fading their jeans. The most unacceptable procedure is the frequency of laundry.

There are arguments that whether washing jeans will be beneficiary to fading jeans.
According to the CEO of Levi’s, laundry is not needed at all. However, Japanese denim makers state opposite opinions that you should wash them.

From our experiences, the latter is correct. You had better wash them, but not frequently. Wash with water once every month or every other month if you wear a pair of jeans everyday. Keeping clean jeans extends your adorable denim’s longevity.
I had a pair of SPELLBOUND‘s jeans and I had worn for 4 years and washed like twice a year. Obviously, it got a really nice fade but on the other hand, the life was short, where the jeans worn out completely.
Washing your jeans would help give it a nice fade. After laundry, you will notice that the color different among the folds and the other parts.

If you want to wear your jeans longer or to be popular among girls, you ought to laundry them.


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