FPFT’s Denim Diary 4

We are an independent blog that specifically features Japanese jeans and other types of pants from heritage brands.

FPFT’s Denim Diary is now the 4th article.
The jeans were worn for 20 days and given 2 washes since the last article. You will notice that the jeans have few damages. Though, they have not been paid special attention. In many cases, knees and/or crotch get ripped if jeans are worn over 100 days. You may wonder why my Jeans are not broken. It is thanks to my special wash cycles; This article showcases how to keep your jeans clean and gives them a longer life.

1soak, 110days, and 2wash

1soak, 115days, and 2wash

1soak, 120days, and 2wash

1soak, 120days, and 3wash

1soak, 125days, and 3wash

1soak, 130days, and 3wash

1soak, 130days, and 4wash

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