STEVENSON OVERALL Co.’s New Delivery at Green Angle

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Harajuku-based men’s select shop Green Angle newly stocked slim-fit Selvedge Jeans from Stevenson Overall Co. The jeans are applied an old sewing method called “flat felled seam” that was used before the 1920’s, and are designed after vintage jeans, and made in its original heavy denim. Its unique iconic curved pockets attract notice. For prices and purchase information, visit Green Angle’s web shop.

-The Stevenson Overall Co.-
The Stevenson Overall Company was relaunched from the encounter of Zip Stevenson and Atsusuke Tagaya. The brand originally existed in Portland, Indiana in the United States in 1920’s-30’s. With the brand relaunch in 2005, the collection was developed from Stevenson’s and Tagaya’s shared deep interest vintage denim and leather goods. They aimed to redevelop the process of creating jeans with a “flat felled seam” that are constructed with the sewing methods used before the 1920’s. The reason they keep using this unconventional sewing method is that they value the original taste from the hand made goods that has been consistent from the time of the original brand establishment. The varieties in the collections are created with inspirations from vintage clothes, fabrics and art. Moreover, they keep pursuing the designs and details that were lost but not forgotten at this time, and reassembling as suitable clothes for this modern time which is “nostalgic but new, modern and universal”.






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