FPFT’s Denim Diary 3

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Keeping your jeans unwashed as long as you can before “first wash” is our recommendation to obtain good fades. After this big event, your jeans should be washed regularly for their health as well as for their fades.
The following article FPFT’s Denim Diary 2, the jeans have been worn for additional 20 days (totaling 110 days) by Kazu, and it’s just right to give them the second wash. Laundered full buttoned, inside out, with detergent.
See how the jeans have changed and keep you posted with the diary.

1soak, 90days, and 1wash

1soak, 95days, and 1wash

1soak, 100days, and 1wash

1soak, 105days, and 1wash

1soak, 110days, and 1wash

1soak, 110days, and 2wash

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