40th Heritage Jeans of STUDIO D’ARTISAN

Michi Nakai
A certified jeans sommelier with a Master's degree in fashion business. Michi has experiences in buying, wholesale and running online stores in the U.K. and Japan.

STUDIO D’ARTISAN celebrates its 40th anniversary. The Japanese denim brand released a limited anniversary collection including interesting pairs of jeans.

STUDIO D’ARTISAN’s 40th Heritage Jeans “SP-028” is inspired by vintage denim pants from the 1920s that are created by cutting the chest part of denim overall. SP-028 jeans feature overall’s original silhouette; the deep rise and regular straight legs and no-belt band. These features will look more appealing with your shirt tucked in.

In order to have the vintage look of the ’20s, the back-cinch, loops for suspenders, oxidized buttons & rivets, and classic crotch rivet are placed. Short stitching with beige threads enhances the antique look. The 13oz denim used is made of 100% Zimbabwe cotton. The 40th Heritage Jeans “SP-028” of STUDIO D’ARTISAN comes in a special box with the 40th-anniversary bandana.

40th Heritage Jeans “SP-028” is available now at STUDIO D’ARTISAN’s online store.

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