Shop Report: M’ARIJUAN Harajuku of STUDIO D’ARTISAN

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Okayama is known as the Mecca of denim. Numbers of brands such as pure blue japan, Orslow and Momotaro jeans were born there and made themselves famous in the world.
This movements began in the 90’s. Who then started it? STUDIO D’ARTISAN has re-produced selvedge jeans for the first time in the world.

The jeans makers was kicked off in Osaka in 1979 to bring back the none-mass-produced classic jeans.

The founder of the brand learned jeans-making in France.
He started the brand to break the vicious cycle of mass production of clothing by manufacturing long lasting jeans in Okayama.
In order to achieve the strength, he used old looms to produce denim. The denim woven by them is slubby but tight and strong.

Have a look at the brand’s website for more information about the brand’s philosophy.


FASHIONPATHFINDER.TOKYO visited M’ARIJUAN, its flagship store located off Cat Street in Harajuku.

The shop is nicely decorated with vintage furniture being filled with collections of STUDIO D’ARTISAN and ORGUEIL that is it’s brother brand.


At the store, its members of staff can alter purchased jeans with Union Special machine from the 50’s.


It’s definitely worth a visit.

To be continued to the next article featuring the STUDIO D’ARTISAN’s new standard “SD-103″.


Find more information about STUDIO D’ARTISAN on our BRAND DICTIONARY.

B1F, 6-13-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001

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