1003SXX Jeans from WAREHOUSE

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Continuing its success in re-innovating vintage jeans, WAREHOUSE is now well-known as “Osaka 5” in the Japanese denim industry. One of the denim maker’s core jeans is 1003SXX WWII MODEL that is designed after the jeans produced in the 1940s. The 14.5 oz jeans employed to this denim is woven in an old power loom called G3 that has been running for more than 50 years. This vintage-looking denim created by G3 fades exactly like vintage ones. 1003SXX is in a relaxed straight silhouette with the the simplified WWII jeans details, such as donut button, crooked belt loop and the blanket pocket lining. This flannel blanket was developed only for this jeans.

1003SXX is available at WAREHOUSE Ebisu and the brand’s online shop. Check out more photos on our Facebook. Find out more about WAREHOUSE at our Brand Dictionary.

Ebisu West 1F, 1-29-8 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021

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  • Piyu

    cannot understand why only the top button is a donut laurel while the rest are not donut buttons?

    • fashionpathfinder

      Hi Piyu,

      Thank you for the comment.

      There are many styles in WWII model.
      Some have blanket lined pockets, some have herringbone fabric lined pocket, some have all donut buttons etc.
      At that that time they used all available fabric or materials since things were very limited.
      WAREHOUSE has a lot of vintage WWII jeans from the era.
      This pair has been designed after one of their jeans that has one laurel donut button but normal buttons for the rest.