How To Repair Your Jeans With Sashiko Stitching

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Holes on your jeans can be easily fixed by a traditional Japanese DIY repairing technique “Sashiko”. It needs minimal equipment; a needle, thread and cloth.

Sashiko (or Tezashiko) is a form of decorative reinforcement hand-stitching or functional embroidery, and also means a piece of textile to which Sashiko stitching is applied. This technique was traditionally employed to reinforce points of wear or to repair tears with durable embroidery that uses special Sashiko thread and needle. Geometric patterns are often used for it, such as waves, mountains, bamboo, key fret, double cypress fence, arrow feathers, seven treasures, pampas grass, overlapping diamonds, linked diamonds, lightning, linked hexagons and persimmon flower. These patterns are inspired by “New Forms for Design” published by Katsushika Hokusai in 1824.

Today, Sashiko is popularly used among young Japanese brands, such as FDMTL, KAPITAL, KUON and Kuro.

Learn how to repair your jeans with Sashiko patching.

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