We are an independent blog that specifically features Japanese jeans and other types of pants from heritage brands.

Jeans were developed as workwear in 1870s and is now positioned as one of the most common daily pants of which everyone has at least a pair. Denim global market value is reported to be $60 billion. Japan also has a big market for it. Brands, such as orSlow, WAREHOUSE, STUDIO D’ARTISAN, pure blue japan and BLUE BLUE JAPAN, are driving it even further.

Do you know how your pairs of jeans are manufactured? To help give you a deeper understanding of the world of denim, here is a video introducing the production of jeans from scratch like how to transform cotton into denim fabric, how to construct denim pants, and how to put damage processing on them. You will be more familiar with the long processes of making denim pants, and you will love denim every more!

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