3 Budget friendly Okayama jeans for beginners

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People say that the cost of living is expensive in Japan, especially clothing. The majority of made-in-Japan products are highly priced because of their world top class quality. Okayama denim can easily cost +$200. Too expensive for denim beginners? Don’t worry, we introduce the best cost-efficient jeans with high quality. You should be able to find entry-level Okayama-made jeans before you go further into expensive ones. Here are three Okayama denim brands that offer under $200 jeans.


In 2010, JAPAN BLUE JEANS was founded from a legendary Japanese denim mill COLLECT (JAPAN BLUE co.,ltd from 2014) in Kojima, Okayama that was established in 1992 by Hisao Manabe. Originally, the company was renowned for its another leading brand MOMOTARO JEANS. JAPAN BLUE JEANS is the only brand in the world to complete production under the same roof. This one-stop manufacturing is the very reason for the affordability. Secondly, they are designed minimally, for example, the pants only have simple folded belt loops and no hidden rivets on their back pockets. The lineup of jeans is consist of 7 kinds of silhouette from straight to skinny fits and they cover all body types as well as styles.
Tapered 14.8oz US Cotton Vintage Selvage ¥13,824


Johnbull (formerly known as Kanewa Clothing Co. Ltd) started its business operations in 1963 in Kojima, Okayama. The brand gained great background in manufacturing and business operation know-how. By exploiting it, Johnbull dedicates itself to continuously develop original fabric, cutting and sewing techniques, with professional washing and treatment skills to create products and to represent a new value of jeans, work wear, military wear and dress. Johnbull’s SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business model is how it provides Okayama jeans at reasonable prices. If you are the one who love the distressed or artificially faded jeans, Johnbull is the right choice. Its specialty is processing skills which differ from European brands.


Inspired by American old workwear, military and outdoor garments, WORKERS reproduces vintage pieces in a very high quality. The founder Takeshi Tateno takes things a step further working only with factories equipped with antique machines that can produce his garments in the exact same way in which clothes in the 1900s were constructed. WOEKER’s jeans truly depict vintage jeans. The classic cuts fascinate vintage enthusiasts.
Lot 802 Slim tapered Jeans ¥19,440

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